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How to Become a Hollister Model

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Hollister is a fashion company and a brand of Abercrombie & Fitch that sells trendy clothes. With the popularity of the southern California style fashions, many models are becoming interested in modeling for the company. If you are one of those models that want to become a Hollister model but don’t know how to get started, then read the article to learn a few steps that you can take towards modeling for Hollister.

Look at the models in Hollister advertisements and determine if you fit the overall look that the fashion company is going for. Hollister models are usually tall, thin and fit. Since the models sometimes have to pose in swimwear, you need to be sure you are in shape.

Get photos taken. Have someone with a camera take a few photos of you posing naturally, while doing various fashion poses. Your photos do not have to be professional; they just need to be clear, quality pictures. Be sure to take a variety of pictures including headshots and full body shots. If you don’t have much experience with model posing, just look at some of the poses that the Hollister models do and try and copy them.

Look through your photos and choose the best ones that show off your look. Choose both headshots and full body shots.

Make multiple copies of your photos to send to modeling agencies. Either you can go to a printing company to get several copies of your best pictures made or if you have a printer at home, you can print multiple copies out yourself to save money.

Find modeling agencies to get modeling representation. You can do an online search by typing in "Modeling Agencies" in the search box of your web browser. Search through a few of the websites to find a list of legitimate modeling agencies to attempt to get representation. Do your research on a modeling agency first before trying to get agency representation with them.

Send copies of your pictures to multiple modeling agencies. Make sure to include a modeling cover letter, with a brief bio of yourself, including any modeling experience that you have. Also, include your contact information and your measurements such as height, weight, and clothing sizes. Wait to hear back from a modeling agency interested in your look.

Work with a modeling agency to model for Hollister. When you hear back from a modeling agency that is interested in working with you, ask your modeling agent if they could provide you with any advice on how to become a model for Hollister. Your modeling agent will work with you and will provide you with feedback on what you need to do in order to model for Hollister.