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How to Become a Nordstrom Model

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The Modeling Industry is a tough business to get into, specifically if you want to become a model for a store like Nordstrom for example. Numerous aspiring models dream about being a model for this sort of well-known clothing store. Because numerous professional and aspiring models would like to model for Nordstrom, there's a lot of competition. If you possess the drive and determination to become a Nordstrom model, then follow the steps listed in the article to assist you on your way to becoming a Nordstrom model.

Hire a professional photographer to take photos of you. You need the photos in order to build up your modeling portfolio. Be sure you take photos like the models in the Nordstrom catalog.

Get comp cards made. You will need comp cards to send to various modeling agencies to try and get representation.

Enter into modeling contests and model searches. Try to find ones in which the judges are top modeling agents. This way, they probably already have connections with the store and will give you a heads up when it comes to trying to model for the store

Make a website to market yourself, or perhaps join modeling social networking sites online that publish auditions and casting calls for Nordstrom.

Take on as many many other jobs as you can within the modeling world to increase experience and also exposure. There are lots of possibilities for actors, models, singers and dancers. Don't limit yourself to fashion or clothing modeling.

Search free casting call websites such as in order to see if any upcoming casting calls or model searches are posted.